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A land of roaring rivers and majestic lakes, transparent streams and nullahs , snowy peaks and green mountains, forests and splendid



Realizing the unprecedented power of ICT developments in the recent decades, GoAJK has embarked onto an ambitious drive of public facilitation



A land of three majestic rivers, numerous lakes and snowy peaks - State of AJK is blessed with abundant potential of



State of Azad Jammu & Kashmir has a literacy rate over 70 % with a wide network of education institutions from


AJK Overview

The northern part of Azad Jammu and Kashmir encompasses the lower area of the Himalayas, including Jamgarh Peak (4,734 meters).However, Sarwaali Peak” (6326 meters) in Neelum Valley is the highest peak in the State. Fertile, green, mountainous valleys are characteristic of Azad Kashmir's geography, making it one of the most beautiful regions of the Subcontinent. The region receives rainfall in both the winter and the summer. Muzaffarabad and Pattan are among the wettest areas of Pakistan. Throughout most of the region, the average rainfall exceeds 1400 mm, with the highest average rainfall occurring near Muzaffarabad (around 1800 mm). During the summer season, monsoon floods of the rivers Jhelum and Neelum are common due to extreme rains and snow melting.

Jul 07, 2018

AJK President raises Kashmir issue at canadian International council

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Jul 06, 2018

Prime minister Azad, Jammu & Kashmir meets Shahbaz sharif in Model

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Sep 26, 2018

Prime Minister Azad Jammu and Kashmir met with Lord Nazir.

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Jul 13, 2018

Kashmiris on both sides of LOC observing Kashmir Martyrs Day today

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